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Sunday, July 28, 2013


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Thursday, May 16, 2013

(GIF) Gu Family Book ep11 - Miss A’s Suzy

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(GIF) Gu Family Book ep12 - Miss A’s Suzy

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Friday, March 8, 2013

2PM’s Taecyeon and Wu Ying Jie (Gui Gui) head to Jeju Island for their honeymoon

Taecyeon and Gui Gui are filming for the ‘We Got Married‘ world version in Korea’s beautiful Jeju Island!

The two had their honeymoon at the Iho Teu Beach on the island, where they got to know each other by playing around at the pool, having a romantic dinner, sharing a love shot, and holding each other’s hands tightly.

There filming happened on the 5th, and there is no set date for the airing of the episode as of yet. While you wait, check out the photos taken from the set below!

Images: StarIn

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LUNAFLY announces official fan club name

LUNAFLY made their debut back in September of 2012, but they’ve just recently announced their official fan club name!

LUNAFLY posted on their official Facebook,

“Here’s the official fanclub name - LUKIE.

After going through the suggestions given by fans, LUNAFLY have decided on using the name LUKIE, pronounced as ‘rookie’, for the fanclub name.

The literal meaning of the name LUKIE is ‘LUNAFLY’s Kingdom is Eternal’, while the hidden meaning is that LUNAFLY strives to remain humble and hardworking and keep their attitude as they are right now, as rookies in the music industry, even after they become more famous and more well-known around the world…

Thank you for your participation and thanks again for all your huge love and support ~.”

To decide on the name, a contest was held from February 27th to March 5th, and whoever chose the name ‘LUKIE’ was rewarded with an autographed CD.

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Fei and Hwayobi spill tears on ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity’

Fei and Hwayobi are two of the top contestants on ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity‘, so it was a shock to everyone on set when they burst into tears.

The contestants were given a mystery mission and during the mission, everyone started to yell and began to panic. Kim Sung Soo said, “It was like hell“, and Tony An blinked in silence for a moment before he concluded, “I had a mental breakdown.”

The two weren’t the only ones panicking. Fei and Hwayobi couldn’t deal with the chaos and the tension and burst into tears. The staff members stated, “Something that even the staff didn’t expect happened because of the mission. The competition will be more interesting and more nerve wrecking than ever before.”


miss A’s Fei introduces fans to her partner for ‘Dancing With the Stars 3′

miss A‘s Fei has found her professional dance partner for MBC‘s reality dancing competition, ‘Dancing With the Stars 3‘!

On March 7, the singer introduced fans to her dancing partner via Twitter, writing, “This is my partner, Kim Soo Ro. Please show us lots of love and support ^^. Chachacha. Keke,” and sharing the photo above

Followers responded to her tweet with supportive messages like, “I look forward to season three of ‘Dancing With the Stars’!“, “Can’t wait to see your performance“, “You’ll do great“, and more.

‘Dancing With the Stars 3′ premieres at 10PM KST on March 8th.

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Yubin battles the cold at Gangnam Station for ‘The Virus’

Yubin recently displayed her support for her fellow workers on ‘The Virus‘.

On the 7th, ‘The Virus’ released a few photos to the media. All the staff around her had on masks and thick coats, but Yubin seemed like she had no problem dealing with the cold weather at Gangnam Station.

The Gangnam Station scene is reportedly one of the most important scenes in the drama. Even though Yubin didn’t participate in filming for the scene, she came over to support her sunbae actors and staff members, handing out warm drinks for everyone and practicing her lines with Um Ki Joon.

The drama is currently airing, and episode 2 will air on the 8th!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

miss A members show off their charms in a group shot in Singapore

The girls of miss A recently came together to snap a festive photo together.

On February 24th, Suzy tweeted the above picture with the caption, “At Singapore! miss A!”

The picture showed all four members of miss A striking different poses, with Suzy looking especially jubilant with her flock of balloons and red dress. At the other end of the photo, Jia is striking a V-pose, and Fei and Min look beautiful as always.

Upon seeing the group picture, the fans commented, “Miss A’s group picture is so pretty“, “Miss A is the general trend“, and “Suzy’s red dress is daebak.”

Source+Picture: Suzy‘s Twitter

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Sun is a dazzling bride in the Maldives for ‘Elle’

Sun became a dazzling bride in white for ‘Elle‘!

We knew she had a wedding pictorial special for the magazine, and saw one picture where she planted a kiss on her new husband’s lips.

Now, JYP Entertainment has revealed even more photos from her honeymoon in Maldives, where she ran around the white sand in sneakers that clashed cutely with her wedding dress and the beautiful blue water backdrop.

Not just that, but Sun also decided to pair her wedding dress up with goofy sunglasses, laughing the entire time she posed for the camera. She managed to make even funny sunglasses look gorgeous.

But of course, we can’t have a photoshoot without Sun looking just plainly gorgeous.

Image(s): JYP Entertainment’s Facebook
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2AM would rather be themselves than win #1

2AM went for a full burst of color in their latest photo shoot with ‘Harper’s Bazaar‘.

Since they’re ‘ballad-dols’, the boys had always dressed in calm, reserved clothing. But this time, they threw that away and opted for more playful colors instead.

In the interview they had with the magazine, the boys also talked about their upcoming comeback. They said, “Before, we wanted to be first and be the best. But now, we just want to be acknowledged for an album that features 2AM’s own color and our relaxed expression. The music that we can do as 2AM is our very essence. The synergy effect we have when the 4 members are together on both music and image is amazing.”

Are you looking forward to their upcoming album scheduled to be released on March 5th?

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MBLAQ’s Seungho, miss A’s Fei, and more to star in ‘Dancing With the Stars 3′

Dancing With the Stars‘ has come back for a third season and has made sure to recruit another cast of celebrities from a variety of fields!

The new celebrity contestants include idol stars MBLAQ‘s Seungho and miss A‘s Fei, ‘Korea’s Madonna’ Kim Wan Sun, singer Kim Kyung Ho, actor Lee Jong Won, actress Nam Bora, basketball athlete Woo Ji Won, pool player Jeanette Lee, and magician Lee Eun Kyul.

‘Dancing With the Stars 3′ will air on March 15th, and are set to soon reveal their posters and various previews, so stay tuned for those before we start placing our bets on who will emerge as the new season’s winner!

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2PM’s Taecyeon accepted to Korea University Graduate School

It looks like 2PM‘s Taecyeon is having a great 2013 so far. JYP Entertainment has announced that the beastly idol has been accepted into Korea University Graduate School, and he’s preparing for admission.

Taecyeon, who graduated from Dankook University with a degree in business administration, took the exam for Korea University Graduate School’s Humanities and Social Studies Department of International Business in secret. After receiving a notification of his acceptance, he’s currently considering attending the graduate school’s orientation on February 27th. A JYP rep said that though it’s likely Taecyeon will attend orientation as he’s in Korea, his schedule might prevent him from attending.

On another note, 2PM recently concluded their ‘Arena Tour‘, and they’ll be holding a concert at Tokyo Dome in April in front of 110,000 fans.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

miss A’s Min and Fei show their support for 2PM

2PM will be releasing their 2nd Japanese album ‘Legend of 2PM‘ on February 13 and miss A‘s Minand Fei showed support for their labelmates.

Earlier today, Min tweeted a photo of herself in a studio, posing with her own copy of ‘Legend of 2PM‘. She wrote,

— 2min0 (@missA_min) February 12, 2013

Fei offered a hint at what the ladies were doing when she replied to Min and said, “It’s been a while. We met at the recording studio because of the Singapore showcase^^ I’m going to follow you! keke. 2PM, daebak! miss A Singapore showcase daebak^^“. Fei also uploaded a photo of herself posing with her own copy of ‘Legend of 2PM’.

Source: Min’s and Fei’s Twitters
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NU’EST’s Ren chooses Lee Hyori as his ideal type

NU’EST‘s Ren chose Lee Hyori as his ideal type.

On February 13th, a press conference was held for the release of NU’EST’s second mini album ‘Hello‘.

At the conference, each member was asked about his ideal type. Leader JR was the first to answer and said, “My ideal type is a woman who looks after me.”

Minhyun was the next to answer and replied, “I really do not care for looks. I like someone who is kind and cares for me.” Baekho then revealed his ideal type as being someone cute with large eyes, and Aron said he likes someone who is pure and has a bright smile.

The answer that stood out the most was Ren’s answer. Ren said, “I like someone who cares for me and has a compatible personality with me. If I were to choose a celebrity who’s close to my ideal type, it would be Lee Hyori.”

On another note, NU’EST will start their promotions for “Hello” after performing for their fans at their mini concert ‘Show Time! NU’EST Time!‘ on February 13th.

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